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During the 2nd World War, the Faulensee artillery fortress was built to block off the Kandergraben near Einigen. The bunker, which was put into operation in 1942, is unique among fortifications in terms of its type. The 160 meter long connecting tunnel is special.


In the year 1941, the fortress was completed in a record time, approximately six months! 


The technical installations and the weapon installations were carried out, so that the bunker could be operational by the middle of 1942. Until the completion of the bunker, a mobile artillery battery was deployed at the site in the event of threat. 


During the Cold War, the secret facility was an important base for the defens and interdiction mission.


The rapid development of weapons systems, but also the changed threat, were the reasons that the fortress was decommissioned at the end of 1993 after a good 50 years of service. Since 2001, the interesting facility, which is unique as a type of construction, can be visited as a historical and cultural testimony of national importance.

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